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Jersey City Soccer League


Incorporated in 1999 the Jersey City Hispanic Soccer League (JCHASL) served over 5,000 adult athletes through coordinated soccer practices and games. JCHASL is led by two seasoned soccer coaches, Miguel Morante and Fernando Picariello who have collectively over twenty years of coaching experience organizing and facilitating soccer leagues for adults and seniors.    The Jersey City Hispanic American Soccer School is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, Charity ID: 27-4236231. Established in 2011, the Jersey City Hispanic American Soccer School, also referred as JCHASL, was established to instill excellence through soccer for Jersey City's youngest generation. JCHASL - Soccer School provides an enriching program where students can learn and enhance their soccer skills.   Our safe environment fosters sportsmanship, confidence, and discipline among young athletes to achieve goals inside and outside the field. Most importantly, our school encourages parent involvement in their child’s recreational activities increasing family attachment through positive experiences.  

JCHASL also benefits from committed parent volunteers. Ivan F. Freire a Jersey City resident, soccer player, and parent volunteer who coordinates JCHASL - Soccer School programs and organizational development. He holds a Masters in Public Administration and has over 10 years experience in program and outreach through various community initiatives.

The youth program participants will acquire a strong knowledge base in athletics as well as the values of sportsmanship through games that reinforce teamwork and skill application.  
JCHASL will actively engage and educate families to volunteer on how to conduct strategic athletic exercises, build sportsmanship,  as well as learn how to coup with individual players as a team. 

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